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5OA0728NN_[JUST BETTER] Summer scent embroidered lace chiffon dress
5OA0729NN_[JUST BETTER] Voluminous puff V press crease Long one piece
6OA0673LJ_[JUST BETTER] Pretty fit Flare pintuck skirt
6OA0698JJ_[JUST BETTER] Better Embroidery Collared dress
  • 6OA0698JJ_[JUST BETTER] Better Embroidery Collared dress
  • 96.91 USD
    33.92 USD
  • FREE
    Collared dress made of chic PK material with attractive belle embroidery! It's less see-through, so it's great to wear as an easy dress in the summer - it's an item with excellent storage capacity thanks to the addition of pockets on the side.
8OA0694NN_[JUST BETTER] Rustling Fit Cooling Back banded Skirt
6OA0681LJ_[JUST BETTER] Cooling Back banded wrinkle skirt
6CS00012LJ_[Outfit set] [JUST BETTER] Cooling Shirt+Skirt Set
5OA0648JJ_[JUST BETTER] slimline Corrugated Hooded Dress
5OA0640AA_[JUST BETTER] Smokey Velvet Denim A-Line Skirt
8OA0598HH_Rerun round collar print dress
9OA0505JJ_Special Puff Back banded Collared dress
9DO0034JJ_Comfortable Banded 5-Part Cotton Skirt